“Pixie” Paula Dezzutti Hewlette. Entrepreneur. CEO & Founder. Local Choice Spirits. Dior Mavens

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“I was an early investor and serve on the board of multiple disruptive, cutting edge technology companies, such as Terressentia Corporation..”

 “Pixie” Paula Dezzutti Hewlette

CEO & Founder. Entrepreneur. Local Choice Spirits. Dior Mavens
Waterbury, CT. UConn
Charity Involvement 

Our foundations were built on community and family, so we enjoy supporting community initiatives and charity in any way we can. Through Local Choice, I pioneered a give back business model for the alcohol industry, where $2 per bottle sold in conjunction with a fundraiser or charity event is donated back to the featured cause.  Some of our brands, like veteran brand Gold Star Vodka, donate $2 per every bottle sold back to a dedicated cause at the core value of the brand.  We also work with a number of local organizations and charities by participating in or sponsoring their events.  Outside of Local Choice, I serve as a coach and mentor to local entrepreneurs, and I sit on the board of groups concerned with interfaith dialogue and diversity issues.

3 things that we should know about you?

  1. I have an inexhaustible work ethic and am dedicated to the art of creating a world that can embrace expansion and love. I think this shows in my business and community efforts, but also in my family - if I don’t look busy enough, you should know I am the mother of 9 children, and grandmother of 5.

  2. I have an extensive background in business management and financial services.  This is how I found my way into the alcohol industry, which I always saw as an unlikely fit and have been able to successfully navigate the space.  I was an early investor and serve on the board of multiple disruptive, cutting edge technology companies, such as Terressentia Corporation.  Now I find myself leading a multi-award winning spirits business, incubating influential brands, and joining the small but growing list of rare female distillery owners.

  3. I work with celebrities and entrepreneurs to develop their brands, having partnered with musicians, television personalities, historic families, and behind-the-scenes producers.  This is such a fun part of what I do.  I love being part of creating unique products and brands and helping share others’ stories and my stories.  And it’s amazing to share these stories through products that are often part of community celebrations and festivities.

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What fuels your drive? I am focused on being accountable to my purpose on the planet, and if I was entrusted with the skillset and the heart that I embrace, then it’s actually easy for me to stay with my vision of the change that I can be in the world.

What exciting project are you working on? The Docudrama series about me and my family’s life!

Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from that book? Oneness by Rasha, we are all in this together.

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What are the lessons you've gained that have profoundly shifted your direction in business? One of the most important lessons that I have ever learned is the one I am learning now....and that is detachment. One of the hardest things to do is to let go of how you thought an outcome was going to present itself and be adaptable to whatever is happening in the moment of now.  The adage "Go with the flow" now has new meaning for me.  For me it's no longer trying to go with the flow of what's happening; it's about going with the flow of what's NOT happening! And trusting in the universe that whatever you desire is on its way as long as you keep clarity and honor your own vibration.

Your mantra?
Our Father, who art in heaven…

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Favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Alanta/National/International & why? I love staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead because of its gorgeous Bourbon bar and close proximity to great shopping and restaurants.  For lunch, I’d choose on the patio at Bistro Niko (Mangers are Sam and Tommy). There’s a great bar scene at Davio's in Phipps Plaza (Bartenders are Jerry and Alan).  My favorite steakhouse is Hal's on Old Ivy. It has a great ambiance, live music and wonderful people (Owners, Mr. Hal and Sammy).  For dancing, a favorite of mine is Whiskey Mistress on Maple Street (Owner Billy Allen).  Favorite taco place in the Highlands is Taco Cowboy (Owner Tom Catherall, Manager Scott Synder). For happy hour I’d head to Ray's on the River in Sandy Springs (Head Bartender, Troy).  And, the best sports bar, Jefferies in Braselton (where I met the fabulous Trina Braxton and Tameka Harris).  So many favorites, it’s such a great place and I spend a lot of my time there on business and catching up with dear friends.

What do you do for fun? Karaoke and dancing.  Always keep dancing!

What legacy do you want to leave behind? Empowered communities that are driven by partnership and inspiration instead of fear and greed.

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media. Listening to Spotify. So Far Away. CLiQ Remix. Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Jamie Scott. Romy Dya, CLiQ

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