Quyionah Wingfield



EnrichHER Spark Conference 2018

When did you first realize that you were born to be an entrepreneur and what course of action did you take in terms of following that passion? I'm naturally a creative and have worked in the arts community as a dancer and songwriter since I was a teenager. My mother founded a family owned publishing company so entrepreneurship was a big part of my growth. I was taught early on entrepreneurship was the path to freedom. Prior to Cool Moms Dance Too I've worked as an entrepreneur on other ventures. I've always had the passion to create but the loss of my mate in 2013 is what helped me start the journey of refocusing and refining my passion. The journey of surrendering myself to my passion was wanting to be a better mom. I knew I would not stop until I provided the world with my gift and it’s difficult to do so when you're a multi-passionate creative and single parent. However, realizing I wasn't doing well as a parent, juggling life and business pushed me back to my first passion… dance because it was something my two girls and I had in common. It enriched our relationships and set me on a path of peace and an honorable purpose helping my family and families worldwide find creative ways to engage, connect and grow.

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