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"Being a gentleman is a choice and a privilege not a right."

Adrian Phillips

General Manager Little Alley Steak  New York Royal Academy, London, England . PHD Anthropology, PHD Biblical Archeology. PHD Ancient History, PHD Theology . Charity . Mostly Hospitals

Who are your biggest influencers and mentors personally & professionally and why? My late parents were my first and foremost influences in my life. They taught me to be wise and kind. My great uncle who taught me how to be a never tiring force in business. I learned to work much harder and smarter than everyone else since that is the only way I was raised.

3 things that we should know about you? I take pride in being kind to others, work very hard and always being happy.

What fuels your drive? The never-ending passion to achieve perfection and accomplish my goals.

What exciting project are you working on? Well, I have been blessed to be part of the most exciting restaurant opening of 2018 which is our restaurant, Little Alley Steak. Being part of this project has given me an opportunity to create jobs for so many people. Also allowed me to be part of a great family at F & H food Trading Group which is owned by Fickret Kovac & Hicham Azhari.

Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from that book? The Prince by Machiavelli, Faust by Wolfgang von Goethe & The Art of  War by Sun Tzu.

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What's been your most successful approach in building business relationships? Always be as soft as a dove and as smart as a snake.

What are the lessons you've gained that have profoundly shifted your direction in business? Do not compete, always try to be the greatest in everything you do but don’t waste your time on competing with others.

There are 5 more months left this year, what are the pressing goals that you'd like to accomplish before year end? Start working on the next restaurant opening for my company.

Your mantra? Being a gentleman is a choice and a privilege not a right.

What type of digital magazine or periodicals do you enjoy? Fast Money, GQ, Men’s Health.

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Apple or Samsung why? Apple since I design and create Games for app store which is based on iOS platform. I have had a great success with that.

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using? I love Sauvage which is for now my favorite cologne.

What do you do for fun? I love riding my mountain bike, hiking, cooking and get together with my friends over a drink and just relax.

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What legacy do you want to leave behind? Love and kindness will conquer everything so be kind and loving to everyone you encounter everyday.

Connaisseur Paris . The Shops Buckhead

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media . Listening to Spotify. Hit. The Sugarcubes

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