Randall K Smith . Fashion Designer . Entrepreneur RKS Holdings, Inc. Dior Men

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"The major lesson is to give exceptional service.  In every profession you are selling something whether it’s a product, an idea or a vision.  Sales is a transfer of feelings and in business we all want to walk away feeling good about the deal we closed or the business relationship we’ve developed."

Randall K Smith

Fashion Designer . Entrepreneur . RKS Holdings, Inc.  Dior Men
Anniston, Alabama . The University of Alabama .  Major Marketing with a concentration in International Affairs . Charity  Renaissance Kares . Philanthropy Exchange . The Goode Foundation .CHOA (Hope and Will Ball) . Sjogren’s Foundation (Sponsor) Mercy Care Ball Atlanta

Three things that we should know about you? I am passionate about wardrobe designing and fashion. I love designing and styling my clients and seeing the vision sparkle. Being pampered at a great spa or spa services is my favorite down time to rejuvenate and restore & living my best life means being a positive role model and mentor to others around me.

What fuels your drive? I am driven by the inner passion to capture success for me as well as others around me. I enjoy living the vision as well as living through seeing other visions come to life.

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What exciting project are you working on? I am currently working with 3 charity projects that I am uber excited about.

1.  I am one of the leaders and founders of the Goode Foundation Gala coming up in November.  The Goode Foundation is an organization that was created by one of my college friends who played football for The University of Alabama and Professionally who is stricken with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The Gala is to raise money for research and families affected by this disease.  

2.  I have the distinct honor of working on the Ball Committee for the Hope and Will Ball for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. CHOA wants to give hope to thousands of children and their families by supporting the Children’s mission to make kids better today and healthier tomorrow.

3.  I am a founding board member of Philanthropy Exchange (PX) where we are committed to connecting time, talents and treasure to charities through education, volunteering and fundraising to empower nonprofits to enrich the lives of those they serve.

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Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from that book? Think Like a Winner by Dr. Walter Doyle Staples. This book has been a staple in my life and my trainings of pageant winners throughout my career.  Think Like a Winner highlights all the right thing that has to happen in order to be successful at any goal you set for yourself.  You have to truly believe that you can achieve and attain said goal.  It all starts with you thought pattern.

What's been your most successful approach to building business relationships? The best approach is to be genuine and transparent.  People want to do business with people they trust and believe.  Making people feel comfortable, secure and being true to your word are the most genuine parts of building positive long-term business relationships.

Connaisseur Paris . The Shops Buckhead

What are the lessons you've gained that have profoundly shifted your direction in business? The major lesson is to give exceptional service.  In every profession you are selling something whether it’s a product, an idea or a vision.  Sales is a transfer of feelings and in business we all want to walk away feeling good about the deal we closed or the business relationship we’ve developed.

Your mantra? Be yourself, who else is better qualified.

Favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Atlanta/Nationally and why? The Commerce Club because of the diverse amount of leadership and talent that you get to mix and mingle with both locally and nationally.

Apple or Samsung why? Apple. I love the forward-thinking technology that Apple provided from its’ very existence and have been sold ever since.

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using?

Diorsnow - Brightening Creme

Diorsnow - Purifying Foam

Dior Hydra Life Mask

Dior Capture Youth - Glow Booster

Dior Bronze - Self tanning Jelly

What do you do for fun? Shopping and A Spa Day!!!!

What legacy do you want to leave behind? Leaving a legacy is so important.  I want to make sure that I leave a branch of infinity where the people around me can take the resources I’ve left and grow beyond their wildest imaginations. I want everyone to know and remember that we control our own destiny and it is up to us to capture that success.  Nothing is unobtainable.  You just have to try and do it.  It’s not failure if you don’t get it the first time. Keep trying and learn from the previous experience and implement new things that will help you be your best self.  And above all, don’t be afraid to ask for help.  It’s an added bonus when you sell your ideas to others and they become equally as passionate and want to see your dreams come true.

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