Julie Turner. Faces by Dior. Owner. Ivy Lane Boutique

“Shirley Newbourne, the first female graduate from Georgia Tech. I heard her speak at Georgia Tech 5 years after I had graduated. She was talking about planning your career around your life and family.”

Julie Turner

Faces by Dior. Owner Ivy Lane. Dalton, Georgia . Georgia Technical Institute . Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering

 Charity Involvement:


-Sunday school teacher at Johnson Ferry Church

-Serves on the children’s committee

-Served on the Pastor’s nominating committee

-Mission trip leader (3 years) to Alaska

-Mission trip sponsor

-Family group leader

-Craft leader for youth mission trip

-Yearly leader of vacation bible school

-Donated to Johnson Ferry Baptist church

-Donated to Saint Jude Catholic church

-Donated to Sewell Mill Baptist

-Donated to Daybreak Widows ministry

-Donated to East Cobb Presbyterian Church



-Major sponsor for the Annual Blessed Trinity Gala

-Committee member on the board of the Blessed Trinity Gala

- Member on the Dance Committee for Mt. Bethel

-Sponsor of several basketball/baseball high school teams; Pope and Lassiter

-Sponsor for Lassiter fast-pitch booster club

-Sponsor for Kell High School dugout club

-Sponsor for Lassiter Lacrosse Booster club

-Sponsor for Creekview football cheer booster club

-Sponsor for Saint Francis Booster club

-Sponsor for Lassiter high school strikers club

-Sponsor for Windsor Oaks swim team

-Sponsor at least 10 different schools at Ivy Lane for “spirit nights”

-Sponsor for GA Tech dance team

-Donations to Pope High School, Spring Mills Academy, Lassiter, Mountain View, Garrison Mill Elementary, East Cobb Presbyterian, Mt. Bethel, Sprayberry High School, Legacy Christian School, Mccleskey, Nicholson Elementary, Addison Elementary, Keheley Elementary School, Saint Francis, Timber Ridge Elementary School

Ivy Lane

-Owner and creator of Ivy Lane Boutique (6-year anniversary)

-Awarded Top 25 Small Businesses 2016 by the Chamber of Commerce

-Active member of the Chamber of Commerce

 Community Service/Sponsorships raised by Ivy Lane

- Provide products to the Drake House in Roswell, GA for them to sell in their retail store in order to raise funds to help children and women in their transitional states/homelessness experiences

-Hosted Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Event

-Annual fashion shows hosted to raise awareness for suicide awareness

-Committee member for fundraising for Mt. Bethel Mission Trip

-Sponsor for the Ms. Odyssey Pageant committee member

-Annual sponsor for Toys for Tots

-Annual sponsor for Sips for Sjogren’s

-Raised $7000 for Lutzie 43- Phillip Lutzenkirchen from Lassiter High School who passed away in a drunk driving accident

-Raised $10,000 for Suicide Prevention

-Raised $20,000 to Sources of Strength

- Raised $4000 for March of Dimes in Valentine Fundraiser

-Raised $6000 for Helping Hands (families in need)

-Raised $5000 for Childhood Cancer Research

-Donate over $30,000 annually to various philanthropies

-Donate to Leukemia and Lymphoma society

-Donation to MUST Ministries

-Donation to Hope Center

-Donation to Children Helping Children

-Donation to Kincaid Foundation

-Donation to the Foundation at Shallowford Falls

Name a person who’s had a tremendous impact on you as an entrepreneur, business professional or business owner. How and why did this person impacted your life? Truett Cathy; he had impacted my life because this was my first job. I learned that you can put your morals and values first while still being successful in your business. He was such a leader in his industry. I received a scholarship from Chick Fil A as well. This helped me to see that you should encourage young people in their development with their jobs and education. Mainly having your own business reflect your personal morals and values. 

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What one characteristic that you believe every leader should have? I think every leader should have courage. To be a leader that you want to be and have a passion for what you believe. To be courageous in their principles and what they stand for. 

Ivy Lane is a gift and clothing boutique homegrown in Marietta, GA. We were founded by Julie Turner, a long-time Cobb county resident, Georgia Tech engineer, wife and mom of three, six years ago. We love being a shopping hub in Cobb county, and love giving back to this same community even more. Our East Cobb boutique is located in Marietta’s Highland Plaza Shopping Center at 3605 Sandy Plains Road near Publix and Bath & Body Works.

What exciting project are you working on? We are currently working on one of my favorite charity events, for Sources of Strength. This is my 4th fashion show at Ivy Lane, (the first one benefitting lutzie 43 and 3rd annual for Suicide Awareness.) Sources of strength is an organization that trains our youth, in the middle and high schools in cobb county to identify students at risk for suicide. Once they have been identified, the students try to guide the others in need to an SOS trained councilor, to help them through their difficult circumstances. Ivy Lane has raised $40,000 for this causes within the last two years. This money goes directly to this organization to fund the training and needs at each school. This year Lassiter has not had a single student take their life. 

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Professional advice you received that tremendously shifted your career? From my mentor; Shirley Newbourne, the first female graduate from Georgia Tech. I heard her speak at Georgia Tech 5 years after I had graduated. She was talking about planning your career around your life and family. I had then tried to change my corporate career path from 9-5 into a more flexible environment. So that I would have the time for my family. I had to be creative and come up with a whole new career path. I had to leave my corporate job at Bell South and moved into a smaller industry, a software development company. I created some software to market to the Bell Operating Companies using my skills I had developed in my profession

Favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Atlanta/National/International and why? As a small business, I think you can make great connections through the Chamber of Commerce, your college university contacts and through local schools and churches.

What type of products or service do you offer? I offer high quality merchandise such as clothing, shoes, jewelry, several accessories and a great deal of home décor and services. We offer a styling service to personally help any customers.

What is unique about your business? My Boutique specializes in gifts that you can find for just about anyone in your life, as well as finding more than enough for yourself. For your home, an outfit for a night out, handmade jewelry for your mother, a sports themed Yeti for your husband, the list goes on! Customers are constantly saying how unique this store is because of all the different items being sold in one small business. I hand pick the items that go into my store and spend hours of my time every week in the store ensuring everything looks It’s best while making sure my customers are pleased. Helping customers in the store is my focus weekly. 

What’s been the most gratifying project have you worked on and why? Suicide Prevention Awareness Fashion Show charity event at Ivy Lane. Hosting this fashion show to help with Sources of strength. I feel like I am connecting with the community and helping save lives. There is nothing more rewarding than this.

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Apple or Samsung explain why? Apple; it is more widely deployed and easier to communicate with others in a business environment, because more people own this product.

What do you do for fun? I enjoy my 8 animals as well as always trying to raise money and help others in need. I have a strong passion for my church, Johnson Ferry. I have been teaching and leading bible school classes for the kids for over 13 years. My family and friends are also a huge part of my life. When I do have free time, I love going to different beaches and traveling as much as possible.

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