Fourteen Hours. Behind The Scenes With The Hottest Restaurants In Atlanta. Pano Karatassos. Executive Chef. Kyma

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“Being active is important to me and I try to work out daily, usually having my runs with Piero on Tuesdays and Thursdays and lifting on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.”

Pano Karatassos. Executive Chef. Kyma

3085 Piedmont Road. Atlanta, GA 30305



An intimate look as we follow the most dynamic movers and shakers in the city. Get a glimpse of what it's like to follow some of the most fascinating game changers in the restaurant industry. Find out what time they get up in the morning. Do they walk their four legged companion first thing, do they hop in the shower to jump start their day, check emails or hit the gym? Do they lunch solo or optimize it with a power lunch. How do they put out fire and last but not least, the last thing they do before they retire for the evening.

In the next few days, we’ll turn the spotlight on a select few of the industry key players revealing CityBox Media’s Hottest Restaurants in Atlanta nominated by the industry insiders giving us an intimate look of their Fourteen Hours plus a reveal of their two favorite restaurants in the city. Interested yet? We certainly are!

Kyma is a contemporary seafood tavern with an inventive yet approachable menu that is true to its Mediterranean origins. Kyma’s dazzling constellation display on the deep blue ceiling, white marble columns, and bold fresh fish display are dramatic while the inviting patio offers an ideal setting for savoring a glass of Greek wine. Fresh, healthy food (including full vegetarian and vegan menus), attentive Mediterranean hospitality and festive atmosphere await at Kyma.

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My daily routine ….

Begins when I wake up around 6 a.m. First, I make and pack my children’s lunches and then spend time checking my email. After I finish that, I take my daughter to school and head to carpool around 7.  At 9am I either hit the gym or go run with my best friend Piero Premoli, Chef of Pricci, one of my favorite restaurants. Being active is important to me and I try to work out daily, usually having my runs with Piero on Tuesdays and Thursdays and lifting on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. After my workout is complete, I return home around 11 a.m. and get ready for the day ahead.

Executed on a grand scale the likes that Atlanta has never seenLittle Alley Steak Buckhead welcomes you to 9000 square feet of understated, intimate opulence, boasting a seductive lounge and bar with over 400 bottles of the finest bourbon, whiskey and Scotch, multiple dining rooms, an outdoor climate-controlled bar and sprawling terrace as well as a secluded private dining room.

I head to work around noon and go straight to Kyma. Once there, I check in with my sous chefs and we spend time going over mise en plase—French for “putting in place”—the specials, and the menu for that evening’s dinner. The mise en plase I check on includes the perfection of the sauces, the butchering, and our stations organization. My team and I then check in with our purveyors in order to acquire the most fresh and seasonal ingredients that we possibly can find.

Around 2pm, I head to the corporate office, where I work with my brother Niko Karatassos. We make sure we’re on top of the restaurants of Buckhead Life Restaurant Group in terms of menus, human resources, purchasing and any marketing needs. We work with the directors and employees staffed in each department to ensure everything is running efficiently.

At Chai Yo Modern Thai, award-winning Chef/Owner DeeDee Niyomkul constructs imaginative classical Thai dishes using modern techniques which carry the breath and soul of Thailand in every bite. Niyomkul’s menu is carefully focused on delivering an inventive interplay of Thai flavors and textures, guiding the diner on a culinary exploration of provincial Thai dishes.

Around 4 p.m., I head back to Kyma, where I see the results of the work done earlier in the day and prepare for service. We have our family meal at 4:45, and following at 5 p.m. we have our staff meeting, which include going over our guest list, guest notes, and any specials or menu changes. At 5:30 we begin service, and during this time I can be found running the pass or training the line cooks. Around 9, we wind down service, take care of the last tables, and I leave around 10 p.m.

Cape Dutch Braai + Bar is a contemporary, international steak and seafood kitchen influenced by 1700’s Cape Dutch wine country.

 My 2 Favorite Restaurants:

Piero Premoli. Executive Chef.Pricci. 500 Pharr Road. Atlanta, GA 30305. 404-237-2941. Italian Cuisine

I love to stay in the Mediterranean diet, and therefore love Italian food. Not only is Pricci a Buckhead Life Group restaurant, but, in my opinion, Piero Premoli is the best Italian chef in Atlanta. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Chef Piero always surprises me with his vast knowledge of his cuisine and flavors.  

Gary Donlick. Executive Chef. Bistro Niko. 3344 Peachtree Road. Atlanta, GA 30326. 404-261-6456. Classic French fare

No one is doing authentic bistro style fair like Gary Donlick. Gary and I grew up cooking together back in the day at 103 West, and he has trained under some of the best French chefs. Bistro Niko is a favorite amongst my children and I, especially after church service when the restaurant serves its amazing brunch accompanied by live jazz, curtesy of Sal Gentile. 

The Swan Coach House, located in Buckhead on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center, offers the complete Atlanta experience. This historical building houses an art gallery, a restaurant, a gift shop, and spaces for any event.
Proceeds benefit the Atlanta visual arts community. 

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Little Steak Alley is the newest & hottest spot in Buckhead to be seen and to mingle with the who's who in Atlanta!