Kristin Smith Andree. Jimmy Choo. Sole Seduction. CEO. Andree Consulting Group. High Performance Coach. Business Strategist. Speaker. Podcaster. Author

“As leaders, we often have to make difficult or unpopular decisions. When this happens, treating everyone with kindness and respect, and ensuring their voices are heard, go a long way.”

Kristin Smith Andree

Jimmy Choo. Sole Seduction. CEO. Andree Consulting Group. High Performance Coach. Business Strategist. Speaker. Podcaster. Author

Charitable Involvement

Northpoint Community Church, The Drake House, InCommunity, Girls Inc., Golf for the Kids, and CHOA.

Write a brief overview of your current role & what you enjoy doing for your company? I am the Founder & Chief Strategist of The Andree Group, a coaching & consulting firm working exclusively with financial professionals, executive and entrepreneurial women. I most enjoy seeing the women we work with grow personally, professionally and financially. Whether through private or group coaching, speaking, writing, or hosting our podcast, empowering others to grow is the highlight of the work I get to do every day!

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What was your first job ever and what was the takeaway from that experience? My freshman year in college, I worked as a receptionist at H&R Block during tax season. It wasn’t glamorous, it wasn’t exciting, and it certainly wasn’t my calling. What I took away, though, was that if you take the time to strike up a conversation & to be inquisitive, you can meet some really interesting people. Genuine curiosity often leads to great things.

What’s your most memorable milestone and why? Achieving the rank of 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo and winning a bronze medal in sparring at the 2017 ATA World Championships. When I started my martial arts journey, I never envisioned the discipline and hard work it would take. It has taught me there are no limits to the things we want to achieve - even if we once thought them impossible.

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What’s been the most significant contribution you’ve had for your company to get to the success you have today? Investing in myself and my business. If you want to be your best self, and if you want your company to soar, you have to continually work at it. Growth isn’t a one and done endeavor. Find a mentor, take classes, hire a coach, invest financially in your team and in your business. Without those things, growth is impossible. 

What process have you taken that has been the vehicle to the success of your professional journey? The best thing in my business and in my life, has been choosing to be extremely intentional: with the people I surround myself with, the clients I take on, and the things to which I say yes & no. We all have a finite number of heartbeats - I don’t intend to waste any of mine!

Looking back, you’ve had mentors that have shifted the direction of your professional career, who have been the most memorable mentors that consistently pushed you and why? With all the wonderful mentors I have had throughout my career, I have to credit two ladies who influenced me long before my career even began. My 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Gierer, instilled in me a love of learning and an inquisitive nature. She taught us it was okay to ask questions and to speak up. My high school cheerleading coach, Mrs. Ball, taught us the importance of hard work and determination. She showed us that honor, character, and truly caring for others are what truly matters.

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With your current role, what was it that inspired you to push harder & what are your strategies to achieve them? I am naturally a very driven person, so pushing harder is part of my nature. The driver, though, is seeing growth and results in others. That’s why I push!

How do you face challenges and how do you overcome them? Challenges are what mold us into the person we are meant to be. Without them, life would be pretty boring. Like everyone, some days and some seasons are tough. When those times are upon me, I keep focused on my goals and on the people and things that really matter. Lots and lots of prayer helps too.

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What has been your rule of thumb in terms of arriving at resolutions that will work for the team? As leaders, we often have to make difficult or unpopular decisions. When this happens, treating everyone with kindness and respect, and ensuring their voices are heard, go a long way.

If you were to mentor your younger self, what advice would you give? The things you stress over now, aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. Be kind, work hard, and never compromise who you are.

In your personal experience, what is the fundamental key to success? Honesty, integrity and never giving up.

What do you know now that you wish you knew then? I wish I would have known that working so hard to fit in is a waste of time. I’m not for everyone - and, that’s perfectly okay. Being my authentic self is far more important. 

What sets you on fire and keeps you motivated? As a single mom, my three daughters keep me motivated (not to mention, always on my toes!). My goal is to be an example and an inspiration to them. I want them to always know how loved they are, how special they are & that I will always be their #1 fan.

What’s your hell yes moment? The day my first book came out! My first thought was “Oh my gosh, I really did it!” It was, in many ways, like birthing a baby - the anticipation, the excitement (although it took a lot longer than childbirth). I am working on my next book now and can’t wait to experience that feeling again.

What’s one word that sums you up? Passionate

What’s your next exciting project that you’re really looking forward to doing & why? So many to choose from: Our StrongHER Together Community Groups have just launched (with amazing Summits and Retreats planned for 2020 & beyond). I also have an online practice management site exclusively for financial advisors launching in October and another book coming out in early 2020. It’s a busy (and super fun) time.

“Sole Seduction's intention is to positively embrace who we are as catalysts to our very own success & to collectively empower like-minded women who understand where they are in their personal & professional journey while championing & supporting causes that matter. Sole Seduction at Jimmy Choo is an exclusive program where a select group of female powerhouses joined forces to raise funds for Aflac CHOA benefiting Sickle Cell. Together, we celebrated and honored these driven professional women recognizing their contributions in their respective fields as catalysts to the success of their companies while giving back.” Maryan Aiken

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 Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Founder. Sole Seduction. CityBox Media. GlossyPark. Sole Seduction originally launched in Johns Creek back in July 2010

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