Randy Keim. Associate Director of Marketing. UCB, Inc. Dior Men

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“If you attack every task with a child-like curiosity, you will be amazed what new ideas and possibilities emerge.”

Randy Keim

Associate Director of Marketing. UCB, Inc. Dior Men. Secaucus, NJ / Cresskill, NJ. Swarthmore College (Swarthmore, PA). History & Education

Charity Involvement:

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, Arthritis Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation

Photo Credit: Sara Hanna Photography

Who are your biggest influencers and mentors personally & professionally and explain why? Without a doubt, my father was the biggest influencer and mentor in my life both personally and professionally. Now obviously, he was committed to my growth and wanted to see me succeed in life as most parents do. This level of connection is hard to find in mentors outside of blood relationships. Still, my father offered so much more than a shoulder to lean on or a steady voice of reason. He had seen so much tragedy in his life, from the death of his parents at a young age to the untimely death of his first wife to the personal impact of serving in the Vietnam War. Still, he was always smiling, finding the humor in life, connecting with people, and serving his community and church. He opened my eyes to see the best in people, to keep moving forward, to find my voice and to, above all, put my faith in God. He died in August 2017 from liver cancer, but his legacy of volunteerism and positive spirit still echo in my life today. I hope one day to have the impact on people’s lives and my community as he had. His “jobs” varied throughout life, but his business was people.

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3 things that we should know about you?

1.       Live in the South but am from New Jersey. Please don’t tell my friends back home that I say y’all. Okay, y’all?

2.       I’ve moved 7 times since college for work opportunities and promotions. I’m a true believer in seizing the moment when opportunities present themselves. Sometimes these opportunities require you to change scenery.

3.       I work in the biopharmaceutical arena and love it. Blessed to work for a company that puts patients first and is committed to improving the lives of patients living with severe diseases.

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What fuels your drive? I’m fueled with a desire to learn, to laugh and to leave things better than when I found them. If you attack every task with a child-like curiosity, you will be amazed what new ideas and possibilities emerge. Likewise, life’s fuel to me is a shared smile or laugh. It’s a great connector of people and makes each day enjoyable for me. And finally, if you seek to improve things around you, not simply your position in life, you will achieve both. Many people aim to excel in life, few achieve impacting the lives of others.  

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Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from that book? The three most impactful books that I’ve read and enjoyed recently have been:

1.       'The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined' by Steven Pinker – this book provided me the reminder that, at our core, people are good and humane and that violence isn’t the defining characteristic of man. It was a good reminder in the face of some of our struggles recently as a society.

2.       'The Man Who Fed the World' by Leon Hesser – the story of how one man, Normal Borlaug, led the Green Revolution and kept millions from starving. It reminds me the impact that one person can have on the world around them.

3.       'Shoe Dog' by Phil Knight – outlines how the road to success is not easy and is not linear. People see the result, but not the struggles and sacrifice that went into achieving that success.

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Your mantra? I often connect with a quote I found by L.K. McCormick. "My objective in life, both professionally and personally, is to exercise all the skill sets acquired throughout the course of my life to serve the needs of others and make a positive difference in the world around me."

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using?

1.       Sauvage Cologne

2.       Sauvage Cologne

3.       Sauvage Cologne

4.       Sauvage Cologne

5.       Sauvage Cologne  

Yes, it’s that good.

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What do you do for fun? I like to be spontaneous and jump on a plane and go somewhere new. Last month I bought a ticket on a Thursday to go to Vancouver on a Friday because a friend posted on Facebook how beautiful it is. I had to see for myself. Besides travel, I love exploring Atlanta’s growing food scene.

What legacy do you want to leave behind?
I want people to have a story of how I made them laugh or impacted their life when my name comes up. Even when I’m dead and gone, I hope to bring one last smile to someone’s face.  

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media . Listening to Spotify. Love & Hate. Michael Kiwanuka . Recommended by CG

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Little Steak Alley is the newest & hottest spot in Buckhead to be seen and to mingle with the who's who in Atlanta!