Courtney Pantelis . Practice Administrator . Anderson Center for Hair and Aesthetics . Dior Mavens

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“When you lead by serving and align yourself with like-minded people who want to attract similar guests to their business and your businesses are complimentary that is business relationship gold.”

Courtney Pantelis

Practice Administrator . Anderson Center for Hair and Aesthetics . Dior Mavens
Jacksonville, Alabama . Auburn University . Animal Science . Charity Involvement Lost-n-Found Youth, Gratitude America, Bert’s Big Adventures, Ian’s Friends Foundation, Roswell Fire and Police Foundation, Make-A-Wish, and a few other local charities

Who are your biggest influencers and mentors personally & professionally and why? I try very hard to keep my mind and heart open to accept unexpected influence. For me it seems those I look up to and admire are not separated personally and professionally and often come from every day places. I am looking for inspiration as who I am right now. There are many great business women, I have not chosen the same path as all of them. If I have unimaginable business success at the expense of my daughter or husband, then I have still failed. There are many people I greatly admire who have had a large influence over the person I have become, not because they are famous or an incredibly successful business person. Some of them have profoundly impacted me because they simply got up every day, went to a thankless job with no glamour and did what had to be done and were happy to be able to do it. Some of them worked multiple jobs to keep things together. Some of them gave up holidays, months over seas and even their life for people they do not know. The determination, willingness to do the hard parts, and sense of sacrifice that I have no doubt has allowed me the success I have enjoyed professional was influenced by these people on a very personal level. I do also love a good podcast or TED Talk. I have also learned one of the most important things you can do professionally is to know when to ask someone that knows something better. When I find someone, who is an expert in an area – personnel management, marketing, accounting, business growth, I want to talk to them get their opinion, insights and experiences. No matter how well you do something, it is rare you could not learn something and do it better.

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3 things that we should know about you? First, I started this career journey with Dr. Anderson in 2013 after attempting a stay-at-home wife plan that failed miserably. When I first began, I was Dr. Anderson’s surgical assistant and came in for a few hours a day during surgery to basically wash surgical instruments and assist with suturing. When I was in high school, I had a life plan, a detailed plan. I applied to one college, because I was going to Auburn Vet School - end of discussion. Organic Chemistry derailed that plan and triggered a mini life crisis as I tried to find another plan besides the only one I had ever considered for all my short life. While I searched for a new plan I took business classes, marketing classes, almost got a Master’s in Education – but ultimately finished none of those things. Now a few short years later, I have landed in a medical field. Not the same one and not in the way I originally planned, but a lot of those seemingly random experiences are being fully utilized now. Lastly, there is no doubt in my head that meeting my husband during this phase of searching was a more of a blessing than I could know. There have been stressful, crazy moments (have you ever done a build out of anything?) and he has been simultaneously my rock and wings. He is amazing with our daughter and involved in everything she does. He helps with house work and cooks. He is supportive no matter how crazy an idea might be. I could not have achieved what I have in the last five years without him and his sacrifices.

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What fuels your drive? There are many things I can look back over life and identify as motivating and fueling to me in different seasons. Truthfully, they run the entire spectrum of reasons why - from pressure to meet other people’s expectations of me and not disappoint them to wanting more than what I had at the moment to the feeling of simply needing to “get it done” and close a chapter of life. One constant motivator has always been my internal need to do the best I know I am capable of doing so no matter where I land when the dust settles I can be proud knowing I gave it my all and that was the best I could do. I find the majority of the times in life I have been disappointed with an outcome, the disappointed is usually because I know I could have done a better job and choose not to do it. I believe whole heartedly in doing anything that you do with all your ability. I find personal victory and peace regardless of outcomes when this is my truth. Another huge source of fuel for me in this season of life is my daughter. I want her to grow up to be a strong woman who knows her worth and does not let others diminish it. I want her to be capable of taking care of herself and those who might not be able to take care of themselves. I want her to be compassionate and kind, inquisitive, to challenge others who try to limit her potential. I want her to grow into a woman that is so many things, but I know she will grow into a woman most like the one she sees me be each day. She fuels me in an almost indescribable way to improve myself, to be the best version of me I can be, to be someone that I will be proud she has become in the future.

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What exciting project are you working on? Since we just expanded to our second office in Avalon less than a year ago, my primary project continues to be business growth and development. One specific project that I am so excited for and think is going to be so much fun is a breast cancer awareness and fund raiser at the beginning of October. We are combining pink, pumpkins, a bake sale, some over the top winner’s bling and some friendly competition. All the funds raised will stay here in our community for women who are our neighbors that are struggling through this chapter of their life. The fabulous Chelsea Patricia and I have just launched our debut, monthly livecast called “Champs Chat with Chels and Court”. Every month we will we will be chatting about aesthetic questions, trends, whatever people want to know while sipping champagne. Our aesthetic center is about to launch a membership program; you will be able to have the regular professional skin care that is required to really prevent the signs of aging (it’s just like going to the gym). Each membership will be a customized schedule of treatments based on your concerns, skin type, what you want to have done, what you do not want to do in an easy monthly payment that is the same regardless of how big the treatment you are having done that month. We also have close to a dozen other events we are working on for the next few months – partnership events, Halloween treats for moms and their littles, an Anniversary Party, a Five Year ARTAS Anniversary, 12 Days of Christmas. We love to be social and make new friends, so there is always the next big event right around the corner for us.

What's been your most successful approach to building business relationships? I had some negative experiences early in my career when I was with different companies at networking events. It resembled awkward, speed dating where people just shoved a business card in your face and if they did not see your use to them in 60 seconds were on to the next person. I hated everything about these experiences and still do not know how they are truly successful for anyone. I prefer relationships to networking. Taking the time to listen to someone, getting to know them and building a genuine relationship is when I believe you will find the most mutually successful business relationships. I believe we should more often ask, “What can I do for you? How can I serve?” instead of, “What can you do for me now? I am in charge, give me it.”. When you lead by serving and align yourself with like-minded people who want to attract similar guests to their business and your businesses are complimentary that is business relationship gold. It is not always the quickest, easiest approach but I believe the things most worth pursuing in life are rarely those things and building business relationships are not the one exception in life. It takes a village to do more than raise a child, so put as much into your business village or tribe as your personal one. You will need them both.

Your mantra? Go forward and gratefully. Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is a seemingly simple one, to keep moving forward. We get discouraged, things don’t go like we plan, we are scared of change or of failing – we just get stuck in a place and become paralyzed until one day you look up and realize you are in the same place you have been for years because you would not take a step. You might even have people who care about you trying to drag you out of that place and you stay, actively refusing to be removed from that spot in life.  Even worse is when we stay busy and are always moving but don’t have anything to show for it because we are going in a circle dealing with the same issues, negativity, and fear until we have worn a path so deep it has become a trench we feel unable to climb. Keep looking ahead and move forward in that direction, even if the direction of forward shifts to a new path. I also constantly remind myself to be grateful for what I do have, especially for the most important things like family and health. It is very easy to get caught up in comparisons to what other people have that you don’t or what they are doing that you are not. There is always someone who would gladly take your biggest complaint as their biggest blessing. Perhaps this has never struck my heart as much as it did in the pediatrician’s office a few weeks after I had my daughter. I was sitting in the waiting room, late for an appointment, a truly epic hot mess of a mom. I had on essentially pajamas, no make-up, a crazy bun, feeling exhausted and still looking 9 months pregnant. Another mom breezed in with a younger baby looking immaculate – hair done, make-up perfect, miraculous body bounce back, wearing real clothes that were clean. She looked perfect and I was jealous. I jumped on an app to vigorously text with some girlfriends about “Why!?!? It’s so unfair, poor me.” When we were leaving I overheard her saying they were so excited to finally be able to adopt after trying for years. In that moment I felt ashamed about my earlier reaction and felt God tell my heart “You don’t know people’s business no matter how it looks.” I choose to be grateful, even when I might want to let other feelings in. When you choose gratitude there is not room for the other things that should not be there.

Apple or Samsung why? I am Apple challenged at an appalling level. I think I missed a window of Apple adoption that is not recoverable. Also, I need military grade durability if any device will make it more than a week with me. I once had so many insurance claims for new phones I was no longer eligible to pay for insurance. There is a strong possibility I am a one-woman mayhem commercial in waiting for cell phones.

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using? I am currently obsessed with the products I got at the last Maven’s event. I have an entire cosmetic counter in my bathroom, so it is not easy to really wow me with products, but The Diorshow Brow Styler Brow Pencil is the easiest brow product I have ever used when I want a little more polished look than just my normal microbladed brows. The Dior Skin Boosting Super Serum and Glow Booster make my skin feel so soft and hydrated and glowing. My last obsession is the Diorskin Luminizer Powder. This is the highlighter of all highlighter to get that perfect glowing reflection of light. Glowy, healthy skin is always a necessary starting point but this highlighter, I will never be without.

What do you do for fun? Since I have a three-year-old, I enjoy watching Moana and Trolls 36 times a week and filling every other tv moment with Peppa Pig. We also love adventures whether they are nearby like the park or pool or far away like the beach or the mountains or Greece, where we are going next summer. I have always loved to travel and absorb a new experience. I love brunch, because it is clearly the best meal of the day. I also love entertaining, hosting and decorating for parties. I have a Pinterest addiction that is intense and hide my own Hobby Lobby/antique store in my basement.

What legacy do you want to leave behind? I want to leave a legacy that it was better after I was there regardless of what it is.

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