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"Since I was a child, I've always wanted to make my parents proud.  They immigrated to the US as young adults and sacrificed so much for myself and my sisters to be happy and have an opportunity to be successful.  I try every day to make them proud by working hard to be the best at all I do."  

Cromwell S. Baun 

First Vice President – Wealth Management . UBS Financial Services Inc.  Nashville, TN  . University: University of Tennessee – Knoxville . Accounting 

Charities: The Ron Clark Academy, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society .  Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities . Hands United

3 things that we should know about you? -Love to travel…Especially if it requires a passport.  Most of my travels have been to Central and South America, but most recent trips have been to Europe and Asia.  I love experiencing new cultures and exploring places that are off the beaten path.  I've always been one who finds a spontaneous, side adventure to get into and have been known to throw darts at a map!  

-Love antiquing…Once upon a time, I spent weekends traveling the backroads of small towns hunting down rare antiques and old advertising signs, particularly Coca Cola signs.  Although, I haven't been to a good advertising auction in a while, you can still find me every month at Scott Antique Market.

-Love to be involved in the community…One of the things I am most passionate about is helping others, especially when it comes to kids and education.  I spend a good portion of my time outside of work volunteering with organizations such as The Ron Clark Academy and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 

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What fuels your drive? Since I was a child, I've always wanted to make my parents proud.  They immigrated to the US as young adults and sacrificed so much for myself and my sisters to be happy and have an opportunity to be successful.  I try every day to make them proud by working hard to be the best at all I do.   

Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from those books? The Subtle Art of Not Giving a…: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life by Mark Manson.  Being happy is figuring out what is truly important to you and letting go of everything else.

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-Where Peachtree Meets Sweet Auburn: The Saga of Two Families and the Making of Atlanta by Gary Pomerantz.  I love Atlanta history.  A lot of today's Atlanta has been shaped over multi-generations of these two families with very different backgrounds.   

What's been your most successful approach to building business relationships? Listening and patience have been two things that I believe have helped me build my business relationships.  Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship…and it is earned over time and not a given.  Active listening and understanding the needs of a client, vendor, team member, business partner, etc., allows me to see how best I can be a resource or helpful to them.  Understanding that a relationship develops over time and not over a single point of sale transaction, has helped me develop more refined, meaningful, and long-lasting business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

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Your mantra? Always stay humble and kind…I always remind myself of this as it's been my way of enjoying life.  Take pride in your accomplishments but be humble and give credit to those who helped get you there.  Be generous, have humility, and put a little joy in the lives of those around you.

What type of digital magazine or periodicals do you enjoy? Wall Street Journal… I get to up with what's going on in the financial world, GQ…I get to be in the know of the latest fashion styles, Travel and Leisure…I get to know my next travel destination!

Connaisseur Paris . The Shops Buckhead

What do you do for fun? What don't I do for fun?  I always look for a good time.  Whether it's hosting friends over at my house for a dinner party or enjoying a Braves game at SunTrust Park or traveling to a new country, I'm always finding myself and those around me having fun!

What legacy do you want to leave behind? I think about this question a lot.  Life is like a relay race and after we pass on the baton, I think we all would like to know that our segment of the race has set up the next segments of the race for success.   The significance of our segment is what creates our legacy.  I would want to leave a legacy of leadership, honesty, and integrity and to pass on the baton of success through inspiring others to achieve things they didn't think they could.   

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Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media . Listening to Spotify. Loose Album. Nelly Furtado.

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