Elena Taylor-Bagger . CEO Founder . The Innovative Mom

"What motivated me more than anything else is the fact that my children loved, believed in me and trusted me throughout each experience. They worked together as a unified force at home while I was providing and finding my way through work, school, and entrepreneurship."

Elena Taylor-Bagger. CEO . Founder . The Innovative Mom . Beyond Beauty Series . Driven Honoree
Charity Involvement: CURE Childhood Cancer

What type of company do you run? The Innovative Mom is a Lifestyle Consultant, blog and platform to connect with inspire, empower and uplift moms globally. 

What fuels you and what are the wisdom that you've gained through the years? There's a combination of things that fuel me. My children Victoria, Lauren, Kathryn, Justin and Aaron. The wisdom and lessons learned from my Dad. The experiences that I've come through whether silently or out loud. The moms that I've met and connected with here in the US and around the world (Japan, Korea, Australia, Kenya, Cameroon, Dubai, India) and shared cultural differences yet similar life experiences and being able to mutually encourage and uplift one another. 

The wisdom I've gained throughout time is acceptance of self and understanding of others. Accepting self is the beginning to knowing what you know, not what you've learned and truly being happy with yourself. Self-Care is nonnegotiable, and every day is a new day to live, love, grow and be joyful!

What challenges did you face and what motivated you to solve them? Divorce, homelessness, single mom of 5, working 3 jobs 7 days a week while going to school full time, illness, anxiety, depression, lack of finances, they were not for the faint at heart. (ha-ha) Throughout each experience, I always was able to be on the other side and look back and say, "I'm not there anymore". What motivated me more than anything else is the fact that my children loved, believed in and trusted me throughout each experience. They worked together as a unified force at home while I was providing and finding my way through work, school, and entrepreneurship.

Define Beyond Beauty? Beyond Beauty is finding the inner space in your mind and heart to accept, love and be happy with who and where you are in the process of life. Beyond Beauty is being able to take that and unconditionally love, care for and empower others.  

What projects are you currently working on? I'm working on a docu series about moms. This is a project very dear to my heart. I've had so many mom experiences:  married mom, single mom, divorced mom, homeless mom, ill mom, stressed mom, depressed mom, overworked mom, suburban mom, and so many more types, I want to connect with others that have been through different and similar experiences, show them that it's a normal part of life and uplift and empower them to continue to move forward. I'm also working on my annual Self Care Workshop coming up in December. 

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What is favorite quote?  “Travel the world country by country be it virtual or physical and your fear will be transformed, your knowledge of life, others and acceptance refined”

Three things that we should know about you? 1. I love my boots and wear them even with formal wear. They are a reminder of who I am and how I've accepted and love who and where I am in the process of life. 2. My 5 children are my best friends. 3.I collect books and magazines 


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"Beyond Beauty is a group of dynamic women sharing their fire and wisdom while building & cementing new alliances with like minded individuals of all ages designing and driving a meaningful and optimized version of their journey.
Women who are instinctively & driven tapping into their inner fuel leveraging their fire and wisdom to catapult dreams into a fiery reality. "


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