PitterKalpak Goughnour CEO and Founder . Pitter Productions Photography

Pitter Kalpak Goughnour . CEO and Founder. Pitter Productions Photography. Beyond Beauty Series . Driven Honoree

Charity Involvement: Too many to list. But, most passionate about children, single moms and sex trafficking 

What type of Company do you run? Photography. Changing lives through digital images; one life at a time. Branding Your Image Through Photography

What fuels you and the wisdom that you’ve gained through the years? In a world where so many dislikes their image & dislike themselves, whose mirrors have never told them that they were " the fairest of them all," it became my anticipated JOY, my "fuel," if you will, to see the lie debunked through my photography.

Watching people get “pitterized” for the first time and seeing their reaction when they realize how naturally beautiful they are when we’ve captured that perfect moment in their life that reflects who they are and what they are going through.  It’s then and only then that I know, I’ve not only captured an image in a moment but changed the life of an individual and how they see themselves. In that moment the ordinary become extraordinary and they become Pitterized.  I love what I do.

What's the wisdom I have acquired through the years? I'm reminded and often speechless in the moment, that my "gift" in Photography is just that... a "gift"...from God Himself to be used for His Glory and the blessings of those I serve... my clients, and my friends.

What challenges did you face and what motivated you to solve them? First my height can be a challenge at times when I have to capture someone who is exceptionally tall (though I overcome that by climbing on anything around me to get the right shot J) Most importantly was going through a divorce and having to be the sole provider for myself and my daughter while trying to run my own business that was growing rapidly and maintain my composure during those rough times for my clients.  It was and is through my clients and seeing their reactions that I continue to realize each day why I wake up and do what I do. God gave me a talent I never knew I had and I have the opportunity to change lives doing what I love.  Plus, it enables me to be able to have more time with my daughter and loved ones. Helping others grow their business, including my daughters. That motivates me.

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Define Beyond Beauty? Beyond Beauty – is the very definition of what I do.  We often hear, you can see someone’s soul through their eyes.  There’s something about capturing people’s natural smile, hurt, sorrows, sadness, happiness, love… that “look” that brings out their beauty within and shows or reflects in their image.  Their image beyond the physical exterior we normally see, I am able to capture a moment in my clients that shows their humor if that’s who they are, or their sadness if that’s what they’re going through, or their inner beauty when they were not feeling so beautiful.  Beyond beauty for me is that moment in a person’s life that we capture through digital image that reflects the beauty of what they are feeling in that moment. That’s what we refer to as lifestyle images.  The natural aspect of day to day life.

What projects are you currently working on? The Hope and Will Ball Committee for 2018-19.  All my photo encounters are "projects" some are just larger than others. I've been expanding into Saint Simons Islands for a lot of Pictures for Georgia Beach Rentals and Branding Saint Simons Bottle Shop while Pitterizing a few along the way. I am ambassador for Collagen Blu. I am also helping mentor young adults in the community teaching them about Business and how to be your own boss.

What is your favorite quote (I have many) but one that is reflective of what I do? " Some look at things as they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" JFK . "If you love what you do; it doesn't feel like work" - Pitter



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"If you love what you do; it doesn't feel like work" - Pitter

Three things that we should know about you? 1. I have a 15-year-old daughter that I sacrifice my life for.  She is only young once, I don’t want to miss any moment of her time while she’s still living with me.  2.     I never attended college. I started my own company at age 18 right out of High School. I knew then I didn't want to work for someone else. I come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs. (It must be in my blood.) I love helping others succeed  3. I love being a mom and a " homemaker." I love cooking for a house full of kids, hearing them laugh and create. My mom is an amazing woman who taught us how to just "be"...she was and still is the best " homemaker"  

I love the city and the country and every road in between.

"Beyond Beauty is a group of dynamic women sharing their fire and wisdom while building & cementing new alliances with like minded individuals of all ages designing and driving a meaningful and optimized version of their journey.
Women who are instinctively & driven tapping into their inner fuel leveraging their fire and wisdom to catapult dreams into a fiery reality. "


Beyond Beauty Series. Driven.  Developed by Maryan Aiken. Exclusively for CityBox Media.  Spotify . Soundtrack . Never Lies . Extended Mix. Sonny Fodera

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