Maryam Aytac . Owner of Cafe Istanbul Chain . Humanitarian

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Maryam Aytac . Owner of Cafe Istanbul Chain . Humanatarian. Beyond Beauty Series .Driven Honoree


"My next project is a fashion show we are organizing with the Refugee Women of Atlanta to raise money for them. It’s a black-tie event in Atlanta with ticket sales."

Charity Involvement? My charity involvement has always been helping the Refugee Community, helping families get settled in with furniture and place to stay, finding jobs, getting schooling for kids, and collecting donations and funding for them.

What fuels you? It’s the love that I receive back. The unconditional love and the appreciation in their eyes. To me, finding happiness through someone else is all I need for fuel.

 Sugarcoat values cleanliness and is committed to elevating the industry’s standard level of cleanliness and sterilization. 

How do you define Beyond Beauty? Beyond Beauty is so hard to put into words. When I was first asked to speak and was recognized, I was obviously beyond grateful, for one thing what I do seems like breathing to me, I mean shouldn’t everyone be putting their love and passion for good cause? Then when I was asked to bring 10 women that are equally involved in the community and my version of Beyond Beauty is when I stumbled, I then realized how little I knew of women that gave back around me. Of course, I notified the handful that I knew, and the rest were already here! It was such an eye-opening moment that we need more Beyond Beauty ladies in the world.

What project are you currently working on? My next project is a fashion show we are organizing with the Refugee Women of Atlanta to raise money for them. It’s a black-tie event in Atlanta with ticket sales.

Your favorite quotes? I am not this hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within. To Love and be Loved.

Three things that we should know about you? 1. My family is my life and the reason for my goals and for me to achieve them. 2. Everyone always asks me about how busy I stay and how do I have time. The real answer is that I love my me time, I love sitting by myself and reflecting, and the peace I get from that. 3. I stay focused, sometimes that comes off as harsh, especially on my employees, but if I have something happening, event, reservations. it should go as perfect as possible. If a task is handed to me then I do not have a night or day until I get it done to the best that I possibly can.

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"Beyond Beauty is a group of dynamic women sharing their fire and wisdom while building & cementing new alliances with like minded individuals of all ages designing and driving a meaningful and optimized version of their journey.
Women who are instinctively & driven tapping into their inner fuel leveraging their fire and wisdom to catapult dreams into a fiery reality. "


Beyond Beauty Series. Driven.  Developed by Maryan Aiken. Exclusively for CityBox Media.  Spotify . Soundtrack . Never Lies . Extended Mix. Sonny Fodera

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