Fourteen Hours With Dr. Bernadette Ashraf

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"At 7:00 am, I start my first surgery which takes about 3 hours (ends 10:00 am). A few minutes after my first surgery, I mark my second patient (abdominoplasty)" 


At 5:30 am, my iPhone alarm jars me out of my peaceful sleep. After hitting the snooze button at least 3 times (yes that’s an extra 27 minutes of sleep!), I get up and head straight to the shower. In the morning, I throw on either my royal dark blue or pale light blue scrubs. I usually choose the dark ones because of their slimmer appearance 🤣. Even knowing that I’ll almost be late to work, I never forget to do my morning facial regimen of amazing French line of Biologique Recherche products. I quickly pop into my daughters’ rooms to say, “good morning” and “have a nice day,” and then I rush downstairs into the kitchen to make myself a morning Nespresso in a to go cup. I reach into the refrigerator and throw a Fage yogurt, some clementines, a hard-boiled egg, and a kombucha drink into my lunch bag. I hop into my Cayenne hybrid SUV and drive to work at Northside Hospital. I arrive at the Northside Hospital Tower building at about 6:50 am. and mark my first surgical patient (mommy makeover breast implants, breast lift and abdominoplasty) with my usual purple marker.

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At 7:00 am, I start my first surgery which takes about 3 hours (ends 10:00 am). A few minutes after my first surgery, I mark my second patient (abdominoplasty) and then talk to the first surgery patient’s family to inform them that we are finished and that everything went well. After realizing the time, I run through a maze-like pathway to get from the Northside Tower building to the Northside Main Hospital to see my surgical patients from the day before. I run back to my office.

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At 10:35 am, I see a postoperative patient in my office a few minutes before I start a second surgery. The second surgery takes about an hour and a half to finish and ends around 12:15 pm. Afterwards, I mark my third surgery patient (breast augmentation) and talk to the second surgery patient’s family to inform them on how the surgery went. I hop over to my office which is just right next to the Northside Tower Surgery Suite to see a postoperative patient.

At around 12:35, I quickly see a patient and inject Botox for her. I have a 10-minute break before I start my next surgery, so I quickly eat the yogurt I packed and drink some kombucha. I then start my third surgery and finish my surgery at around 1:45 pm. Again, I then talk to the third surgery patient’s family. At 2:00 pm, I run to Northside Hospital Women’s Center which is also connected to the Northside Tower building by maze-like pathways, and I mark my fourth surgery patient (bilateral mastectomies and implant reconstruction for breast cancer).

At 2:15 pm, I run back to my office because it takes about 1.5-2 hours for the breast surgeon to finish doing the mastectomies before I can start the reconstruction. I use that time to talk with our nurses and see other patients. Afterwards, I usually make myself a Nespresso while checking office emails. At 3:00 pm, I dictate notes, and at 3:30 pm, I get notice that the mastectomies will be finished in 20 minutes, so I run back to Northside Women’s Center.

At around 8:00 pm, I drive to my parents’ house in Virginia Highland. There, I usually have my favorite Tieguanyin tea, eat some Chinese snacks,

By 4:00 pm, I start my fourth surgery and finish at around 5:30 pm. I then talk with the fourth surgery patient’s family. I run back to the office and check for any urgent messages and call patients. I then stay at my office to sign a bunch of paperwork. At around 6:30 pm, I grab my half-eaten lunch bag (usually forget to eat hardboiled egg) and drive home. On the way home, I call my husband to say that I’m coming home, then call each daughter to get one entertaining school story from each daughter and then call my mom to get sympathy.

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At around 7:10 pm, I arrive home and find dinner already cooked by our amazing nanny, and all 3 daughters are in kitchen doing homework. My husband is usually in the garage working on his car. After freshening up, I grab a plate and eat everything in sight while talking to my daughters. I then check my personal email and scroll through Instagram and Facebook.

At around 8:00 pm, I drive to my parents’ house in Virginia Highland. There, I usually have my favorite Tieguanyin tea, eat some Chinese snacks, and chat with my parents. I usually stay there for about an hour and then head back home. When I get home, I talk with my daughters and just hang out with them before they get ready to go to sleep. I then head to my bathroom and do my evening facial regimen of Biologique Recherche products and brush my teeth. I then spend some time with my husband to make sure there are no fires to put out :)

At around 11:30 pm, I climb into bed, and as my head hits my memory foam pillow, I immediately fall asleep.

Interviewed by Maryan Aiken. Publisher. CityBox Media. Prepared by Lila Ashraf. CityBox Co CEO Intern. Atlanta International School

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