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“I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard, who helped others, who was generous, and who made people feel good about themselves.  I think that is a legacy of substance, and one I would be proud of.”

Jeff Olsen

REALTOR®  . Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty
Born: Annapolis, MD; Hometown: Marietta, GA.
Northwestern University

Who are your biggest influencers and mentors personally & professionally and why? – I look to my family for both personal and professional guidance as they are all successful at what they do and have been instrumental in my development in both aspects of life. 

My mom was a nurse and later founded a non-profit that provides equine-assisted physical therapy to wounded soldiers as well as other individuals with mental and/or physical handicaps.

My dad is an Institutional Consultant at UBS; his team was named the #1 Institutional Consulting team in the country for 2018 by Barron’s Magazine.

And my brother graduated from Harvard College and then went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania’s medical school.  He is now an MD and resident at the University of Pennsylvania, specializing in neurology.

Additionally, Chase Mizell has had a great influence on my real estate career.  He is one of the top real estate agents in the state and someone that I am fortunate to get to work with.

3 things that we should know about you? I was a state champion wrestler in high school and was once featured in Sports Illustrated for my wrestling achievements.  I started two technology companies out of college before beginning my career as a real estate professional.  Finally, I love to travel whenever I can, and my favorite place in the world is The Cayman Islands.

What fuels your drive? I’m naturally a competitive person, so that in large part drives me.  That competitive streak is what helped me win a state title in wrestling and go on to earn a wrestling scholarship to Northwestern.

What exciting project are you working on? In addition to my real estate career which I find exciting every day, I’m also working on another technology project that I’m excited about. 

What's been your most successful approach to building business relationships?  As simple as it sounds, I’ve had the most success from trying to build relationships with people I see on a daily basis.  Often, daily interactions with people turn into professional opportunities. I think success can often be attributed as much to who you know as what you know, which is why I make it a goal of mine to get out and network as much as I can.

What are the lessons you've gained that have profoundly shifted your direction in business? I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in business is knowing when to move on from an unsuccessful endeavor, and when to keep going.  In my case, as hard as it was to walk away from my first startup company, it ultimately led me to to better opportunities. 

Your mantra? It’s not exactly a mantra, but one idea that I try to be mindful of is to focus only on things within my control, and forget the rest. I’m paraphrasing and Epictetus quote there, but you get the idea.

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Favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Atlanta/Nationally and why? I make daily networking a priority.  So, the places I go on a daily basis –the grocery store, Starbucks, the gym, etc. – are where I try to meet people and make connections. However, one of my goals for the rest of this year is to build my network and business by attending more social events such as this by CityBox Media.

Apple or Samsung why? Apple, because that’s what I’m used to.  But I also generally prefer their product design from a hardware and software standpoint. 

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using? Admittedly, I don’t have particular skin care line that I regularly use.  But a good face wash and moisturizer of some variety are always in my bathroom.

What do you do for fun? I enjoy boxing, working out, travelling, reading, and being with friends and family, among other things.

What legacy do you want to leave behind? I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard, who helped others, who was generous, and who made people feel good about themselves.  I think that is a legacy of substance, and one I would be proud of.

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media . Listening to Spotify . Loose Album. Nelly Furtado.

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