Steve Hightower. Salon Owner. Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa. Dior Men

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“Being honest about what I expect and what I will deliver and the other people being honest with me about what they expect me to deliver. Communication is the key to any relationship.”

Steve Hightower

Salon Owner. Steve Hightower Hair Salon & Day Spa. Dior Men
Fort Payne, AL.  Jacksonville State. Art minor Accounting. Charity Thriving Children Gala/Lost-n-Found Youth

Who are your biggest influencers and mentors personally & professionally and explain why?

1.      Lydia Sartati, CEO and founder of Repechage Skincare. She has always given me good advice business guidance, though she did not have to do so. ,  and she treated me like family.

2.      Phillip Albertti, Director of Label M hair care products, he has known me over 25 years and has always given me motivation and support.

3.      Diana Duncan, leading national salesperson of L’Oreal Professionnel hair care products. Diana has been my rep for over three decades and we have become as close as family. We have a business dinner every other week. She lifts and supports me, and she always gives me first-hand knowledge of new products even before they hit the market.

4.      My mother, Juanita Dirmyer, who has always accepted, supported, and encouraged me in business and in life. After over three decades working behind the chair, I have heard so many stories of the difficulties of parenting, and I am very grateful for how my mother was always there for me with both tough love, patience, and affection.

5.      David Whaley, my husband, for always standing beside me and supporting me, no matter what happens.

3 things that we should know about you? What you see is what you get. I am extremely honest and blunt, so don’t ask if you don’t want my perspective. I am caring and giving.

What fuels your drive? Creativity and helping others.

Connaisseur Paris . The Shops Buckhead

What exciting project are you working on? Consulting salon/spa for business advancement. Educating my staff and other hairdressers. Modeling

Books you've enjoyed and what's the takeaway from that book? I am not a big book reader, I don’t have the patience to sit still and read. But I did enjoy reading The Shack because it made me look at God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a completely different way. (My grandfather was a Southern Baptist Preacher).

What's been your most successful approach in building business relationships?  Being honest about what I expect and what I will deliver and the other people being honest with me about what they expect me to deliver. Communication is the key to any relationship.

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What are the lessons you've gained that have profoundly shifted your direction in business? Honesty and listening to what people are currently wanting, no matter what their age or situation.

There are four more months left this year, what are the pressing goals that you'd like to accomplish before year end? To finish unfinished projects, both business and personal.

Your mantra?  The Golden Rule. Help others when you can, the day will come when you need help.

What type of digital magazine or periodicals do you enjoy? Fashion, Art, Life Improvement for the mental, physical and spiritual self.

Favorite spots to frequent for business connections in Atlanta/National/International and why?
Atlanta – social events, meeting new people and reconnecting with friends.

National/International-industry events. meeting new people and reconnecting with friends.

Apple or Samsung explain why?
Apple, ease of use and graphics quality.

5 Favorite skin care products & fragrance by Dior that you enjoy using? Dior Homme Anti-fatigue firming Eye Serum. Dior Homme Moisturizing Emulsion. Sauvage  Eau de Toilette

Capture Totale le Serum. Capture Youth Lifting Serum

What do you do for fun? Garden & yard work. Travel. Get creative with photo shoots, painting, singing, & playing piano.

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What legacy do you want to leave behind? That I was more than just a hairdresser, that I made a difference in people’s lives and was a caring, & giving person.

Interviewed by: Maryan Aiken. Publisher. Founder. CEO. CityBox Media . Listening to Spotify. Hit. The Sugarcubes

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