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One On One {O3}

We'll be serving up a set of intimate & highly anticipated Q&As with a select group of game changers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and business professionals.

What's their formula to keep that balance. The fire that propelled them to their current success status. How do they stay focused when distractions take over, the books they’ve read that shifted their mindset and how do they get ready to optimized their day.

Get to know the rainmakers and the movers and shakers in Atlanta!

EnrichHER 2018 Spark Conference was held last March 14 at Atlanta Technology Village. EnrichHER, founded by Dr. Roshawnna Novellus are local initiatives designed to help entrepreneurs with coaching, capital, and connections.  In business, the saying is “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”  EnrichHER Spark allows entrepreneurs to advance their businesses by making meaningful face-to-face connections with local leaders, investors, business coaches, and like-minded entrepreneurs.  

According to Dr. Novellus, one of the biggest issues that women-led businesses face is access to capital. For this reason, InrichHer program presented an entrepreneur showcase that included a grant to a lucky entrepreneur with shared resources that will increase success of gaining capital.